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How to sell your house in 24 hours!

How to sell your house in 24 hours!

Selling your house can often drag on for months but it doesn’t need to. Here are the best ways to fast-track your next home move.

With the creation of a Hybrid Estate Agents it’s now easier and quicker than ever to sell your property in Milton Keynes. You’ve decided to sell your house and change your lifestyle, here are our tips on how to sell your house in 24 hours.

First Impressions Count

Property photography is absolutely key, it’s the first point of contact for your potential buyers and you won’t find an audience if you have poor images. Here at Snapbricks we create and deliver high quality property photography within 24 hours. We can advise you on what looks best and where furniture should be to really maximum the look and feel of your home. Creating an illusion of height is always beneficial to make the room feel roomy even if it isn’t.

Imagine when you go to view a house, when it smells, is dirty or messy then even before the potential buyers have had a chance to look around they’ve already received a negative feeling, not a good start and you’re already fighting for their attention. You may want to deep clean the carpets, put out fresh flowers and remove paperwork and clutter. Check our our video on tips below on how to prepare your house for a viewing.

Sell your property fast

Sellers who are prepared to have house viewings at short notice, and who keep their home in a suitable state is definitely more likely to be successful at selling their property. Research also shows that sales brochures created by hybrid estate agents in Milton Keynes without spelling mistakes sell homes three times more quickly than those that contain errors.

When is the best time and day to list your house online?

Friday is the best day of the week to list your house, because more commonly it’s the day house-hunters plan their weekend viewing schedule. You want your house to be near the top of the property search engines, Snapbricks helps you reach your viewing potential by including various different keywords within the metadata of each image which Google sees and ranks higher accordingly.

Don’t always go for the highest valuation

Snapbricks says think twice before going with the estate agent who values your property around £15-£20k more than other agents. It’s certainly tempting to go for the highest price, after all you want the most money for your property but if the market changes, and it does frequently from week to week and your property is still on the market ten months later, it has cost you money. Choosing a Hybrid Estate Agent with a strong history of similar property sales in your area can be way more beneficial.

Spread The Word | Tell Them You’re Moving

Most social media platforms are free, why not use them to tell everyone that you are selling up! Free advertising! You never know where an unexpected buyer might spring from. You can share your high-quality property images that you receive from Snapbricks. When you request property photography from us we will provide optimised images for both printing and for using the web.

Start packing before you’ve even sold

Ideally, before the photos have even been taken start to box up your belongings. Our rule is that if something hasn’t been used or touched for the last few months then box it away. It doesn’t matter if you have a few cupboards that are full to the brim, they are out of sight. People don’t mind seeing your family pictures on the walls but try too imagine yourself walking in. It’s your home, but they are viewing it as their future home so try and keep it clutter free. They aren’t just looking for a home, they are looking for a lifestyle.

Time for a trim

Cut back bushes and trees which can often obscure the house and block out light. Remove all vegetation you reasonably can, pick up any pet waste and mow the lawn. Nobody wants to see dog mess on the lawn. A garden with a clean area for kids and a fire-pit or a log burner for the adults is again promoting a lifestyle. They will be able to picture the kids playing while sitting around a garden table having a drink in the summer.

Your Property Deeds

You’re unable to sell a property unless you have the house deeds. The worst time to start searching for your house deeds is when your solicitor has a buyer on the phone, wanting to complete, it not only makes it very frustrating for the chain involved it also delays the legal process and it can give a buyer time to change their mind, it has happened. If you have extended your home, make sure you have the planning consents available.

Energy Certificate | EPC

Since 2008 it became law to provide a home selling pack by the individual seller, this includes an EPC. All domestic and commercial buildings in the United Kingdom must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) if you plan to sell the property. If you own a home, getting an energy performance survey done could also help you understand ways to save money on your energy bills and improve the comfort of your home.

Spare Rooms

If you have a room in your house that is filled with just clutter or boxes, think about how you can assist the potential buyer visualise what the room could be. Instead of using it as a storage room (you might be packing up ahead of time) maybe add a nice chair, maybe a TV to show that it could be another useful room. If it’s large enough then maybe turn it into another bedroom. If you have storage issues, think about my renting a locker at a storage depot which are located throughout the UK or ask a family member to use their garage.

Engage your chosen vendors

It maybe a good idea to send communications every few days to everyone that is involved in selling your property, this includes; your hybrid estate agents, your solicitors, their solicitors etc. If a vendor is not pulling their weight flag this up. By copying them all in it makes people respond quicker. Nobody likes to look like they’re not doing their job properly. Stay totally professional, punctual and to the point, then watch as your receive offer after offer.

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